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300mm Brake Conversion Fiesta Mk5

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New brakes are on the front, 300MM EBC ST170 discs and Mondeo MK3 Calipers with EBC Greenstuff pads.

Yes, I know my wheels are dirty it had to be tested.

Jap North Car Show 2009

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I attended the Jap North Show this weekend at Haigh Hall in Wigan, the car was on the K & M Acoustics and fourcars stand.

ICE Install

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I have all the pieces now so Ant is now installing it all in the car.

Camo Build Boot

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After spending many hours in Neil Rainger’s Spray booth with gloves and masks this happened, so so pleased with how it turned out. Amazing what you can do when you have am awesome painter like Neil on hand.

It’s being clear coated today then will sit in the oven for a day then it can go in.

Floor Build

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Sadly the car was not finished for ford fair but we did manage to get the floor build finished

Here is the passenger floor well build to house the Audio Control Matrix and Epicentre, which are a line driver and bass enhancer respectively.

Fitted new LED side light bulbs and fixed the HIDs as they developed a strobe affect due to a bad earth.

Tried some harness, to see how they would feel, not only was pain to get in and out of the car they would be a pain to mount correctly also.

Took some quick pictures of the floor builds at night, better ones to come.

Ford Fair 2009

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Ford Fair 2009 at Silverstone.

On the way down.

On the ZSOC stand.

In the Paddock

Few picture a more creative friend took.

I don’t like airbrushing

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Well I finally got the boot build back after months of waiting,

and well … I am really disappointed.

The pattern is ok, but the finish is awful, big drops in the lacquer, some parts have gone dull, looks like it has been done with a rattle can and not a professional, not what i was looking forward to.

Apparently will look better sanded down and re lacquered in a spray booth.

Black and White Ford

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Got back from FITP (Fiesta in the Park) and gave the car a really good wash, polish and wax before putting it away.

Some beeding from when I waxed it.

Got the bits of dash back from the painter.

Got my black and white ford badge.

Lights in the 6x9s all the interiors lights changed to White LEDs as well as the side lights but getting some brighter side light as they are  a little dim through the smoked lens.

HID kit that was fun to fit, also made a set fit the fogs as well, so now I can blind people that cut me up.

Got some pictures on the air bushed box may put them on, it not finished yet though.

Sparco Seats interior trim and alcantara

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The seats are back, I am really pleased with them, I was a little worried the Sparco Tourino 2 seats wouldn’t look right, they nearly the same shape as the Sparco FRP seats, well there is only one minor difference I can see.

Put the speaker grills on and finished wiring up the LEDs in the speaker Pods

Forgot to pick up some top hats so there is a big gap between rear mounting, struggling to find any so I may have to make something.

Door Pod and LEDs

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No up date for a while as I am waiting for the boot build to be airbrushed, in the meantime I have been sorting things out like MOT, speaking to a trimming company to get the seats re-trimmed and trimming other parts of the interior too, and sub box, that is not on show, has been painted black.

Door cards have come back from the trimmer so have look below.

New run of 16 AWG cable going into the doors for the 6×9’s.

Changed all interior bulbs to white LEDs, looks pretty good and alot more modern.