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Modified Madness 2013

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On Sunday 12th May I joined the team at K&M Acoustics at the Manchester Modified Madness Meet. The K&M Van was there pounding out the bass and there fiesta was there looking shiny.

A Tidy Bay

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I decided the engine bay needed a good tidy up, so cleaned it all up, put the strut brace back on, swapped the engine cover for the my white one, I might get the urban camo pattern put on it at some point. then reconnected the power cable cable for the audio.

Then I had to sort the ABS light out, oh the fun games.

Then I gave the whole car a really good clean, polish and wax.

End Result

1.7 FRP

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So after getting all the parts together over the last two years, I finally managed to get the new Engine in the car.

1.7 Puma Engine, FRP Inlet 503, FRP Cams, FRP ECU, FRP Gearbox with LSD.

Also add the following bit on while it was in pieces Samco Urban Camo hoses, R-Sport radiator.

Trucking Time

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So I found out that moving a car without an engine from one unit to another is pretty hard, luckily my dads friend is on hand with his new truck for his track toy.

A New Front End

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The front had suffered a little damage and had been badly repaired by an insurance company.

So off it went to Neil Rainger for some TLC.

First things first strip off all the bits with bog, bad paint, bent bits and rust.

The old engine got ripped out and dumped.

New bonnet as the old one was rippled and beyond repair. When polishing the car the washer jet always used to bug me as the would catch the polish and turn horrible colour there a pain to colour code , sooo….

new bumper as the old had a weird bend in it ?

Mass of wires.

In Primmer

New Wing

new cross member

Most important bit, the front chasis leg was crumpled slightly which causes the whole front end to looked weird. So cut it off welded a new bit on.

All welded up

Into the spray booth


New Hinges

Full engine bay spray

2011 to 2012

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For 2 years the car basically sat as I concentrated on uni, due to fact I was in all day every day and had also re-involved myself in swimming , it left very little time for anything else, so the car got stuck in storage (Nan’s garage). Out of sight, out of mind.

Show Season 2011

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So the car show season kicks off this month with The Fast Show at Santa Pod Raceway on the 27th March. So I though i would give the car a good clean and ready for 2011, I ended up spending the whole day at K & M Acoustics cleaning, polishing, waxing and taking the odd picture. But sadly due to fact I left the battery almost flat all winter and the boost charged it, I ended up killing it, so  new battery time and abit of a tidy up of the engine bay at the same time, just to make all the wire look neat. Ready for Fiesta in the park in May, also attending Modified National, Classic Ford Show, Ford Fair, Trax and few little ones in between.

At some point this year the engine bay is being painted to continue the urban camo theme. I now have two sets of Supperleggera, after a long drive to the bottom of wales, so I am considering getting the urban camo pattern on them. The second set which have just been powder coated white at the moment to match the first set, were really lucky find as these wheel seem to be rare now.

2011 Shows

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2011 Shows:

27th The Fast show

GTI Festival
10th Central Ford RS Ownres Club

2nd BHP
Performance show
14th JapFest
15th PTM Show
Fiesta In the Park…park-2011.html
-22nd Scottish Motorfair
– 29th Modified Nationals
May tbh Japanesetuning

Classic Ford Show
11th – 12th Performance Vauxhall
tbc June Bromley

2nd RS
3rd Retro Show
19th Jap show
22nd – 24th
Bug Jam
31st VW Action – Lazy Sunday

5th –
7th Ultimate Street Car
7th FordFair
Mini in the Park

2nd –
4th VW Action
4th Trax
BMW Show
11th European Ford Event

Revisit – The Project So Far

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Right so this project started in September 2008 and is still running now January 2011, although nothing has been done in over a year.
The Project started as a blue fiesta freestyle, all the pictures of this transformation are on the following pages.

It Currently stands like this

So lets start now.

Original Plan
I decided that I wanted to change the colour of the car when I re-spray it, so its all getting done in Black. Everything is being colour coordinated and the whole thing is being smoothed all over, anything apart from the door handles. To go with the new black paint I have got a new set of 17” OZ Superleggera alloys which I having Shot blasted and powder coated white. The grills on the car are also being powder coated white, and light window tint all round.

I am staying with my alpine flip up screen but also adding a PS2, Freeview TV and second flip down screen in the back. AudioControl Epicentre is going back in. I am changing the amps for larger more powerful A B amps. Instead of 2 12” Bigbang subs, I am having 3 in large ported box, properly with the subs inverted in a box that will be built in, like a boot build.
I am having 2 sets of 6×9 in the each door, in fibreglass moulded door builds. I am doing this because I what it to play very loud and clear while at shows.
Power system is already in place with a larger battery and bigger 150 amp alt. This will be my 3rd street bass install.
Everything is going to be trimmed to match, including the seats (half leather) in black and grey alcantara, the boot build mite be sprayed to match the car.

Bigger brakes, poly bushed, full coil-over suspension, adjustable Lower Arms, puma rear beam, strut braces, braided lines,1.7 racing puma engine.

Clifford Alarm System with Remote Engine Start and text control.

Cold Forged Aluminium Anodised Black Wheel Nuts

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Got some Cold Forged Aluminium Nuts Anodised in black, light as feather, not that it matters to me.



I think they look loads better plus my old looked a bit battered.