Sunroof and Ultras

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Finally got a mint set of ultras fitted, after combining three sets and spending over £400…. but there on and they look awesome. Basically it’s 3 sets cut up and plastic welded together, then filled and sanded and the tops painted black so you can’t tell. Then the whole surface was polish with a cutting compound and the surface was prepped the whole thing is then clear coated and baked, they are so SHINY now it’s unreal, an improve on standard ultras I think. Cheers to Dave for his wizardry in taking the time to stitching them all back together.

My old sunroof gave up and started leaking so time for new one it was not removed during the respray as it had been very well sealed the year before we were worried about rippling the roof skin.

The new sunroof is bigger ( 803×462 ) as you can see from the template, I was too scared to cut the roof as I had little go (you can see it on the picture) and the whole roof was bouncing everywhere, so Dave came to the rescue and finished cutting it with air saw.

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